It’s all about RESPECT

Here are Care Visions we work within a set of values and behaviours drawn up in consultation with our staff. They form the basis of all we do:

  • Reliable – We do what we say we’re going to do, when we said we would do it.

  • Efficient – We strive to find the most effective way to do things.

  • Supportive – We support our colleagues and clients and help others. We work as a team.

  • Professional – We behave professionally at all times, and are committed to delivering high standards.

  • Evolving – We continue to learn and improve; we reflect on our practice to help us to grow.

  • Caring – We care for our clients and colleagues and bring empathy into our everyday dealings with people.

  • Trusted – We are open and honest in our communication. We use this to build a foundation of trust for all.