Whether congenital, acquired or traumatic, our specially trained carers support not only the medical care needs of our clients, but the everyday functional skills affected by brain injury;

  • Thinking – the ability to process information, make decisions, focus or problem solve can all be affected by brain injury. Our specially trained team are able to support the decision-making processes, ensuring clients are empowered to make informed choices and ‘work through’ a task or problem; however small, resulting in a positive impact on esteem and wellbeing.

  • Feeling – for many, brain injury occurs as a consequence of a life changing event and everyday can be a roller coaster of feelings and emotions; these can manifest in erratic or uncharacteristic behaviours. Our trained team offer the emotional support needed and are able to deal with behaviours, deescalating episodes and providing assurance.

  • Doing – clients often need additional support with many aspects of everyday life; walking, talking, eating, drinking. Our specially trained team work as part of an MDT which can include physiotherapists, speech & language therapists and occupational therapists, ensuring we have the most appropriate care plan in place to support every need.