January 2019

Dealing with dementia at home – How to manage your home and family when living with a relative with dementia

Many people are unaware that those living with dementia can often receive treatment at home – in fact, staying in familiar surroundings is a huge help. However, living with someone with dementia isn’t always easy.
Here are some of the key challenges facing a household living with dementia:

Allaying agitation
When someone living with dementia becomes agitated […]

June 2017

The Ultimate Career Change

By Neil Raw.
I used to work in heavy manufacturing for over 25 years. I worked in the steelworks, and was a team leader, in charge to 30 men. Despite the great wages, and generous holidays, it was a dirty, unpleasant and often unsafe environment to work in. It was bad not only for my […]

The Language of Dementia

By Allison Bourke.

Have you ever thought about the language you use when describing a disease or illness?

The language we use can determine the way we see things. Much in the same way that positive thinking gives positive results, using certain words when describing dementia can influence the way we view or feel about dementia. […]