January 2019

Care Visions Art Therapy

Art therapy can be a powerful tool for treating someone living with dementia. More than just giving the person something pretty to look at, art therapy stimulates the brain, stirs memories and helps people express themselves when they have problems communicating.

Other benefits include:

Improving the mood of the person with dementia, reducing depression and […]

A letter from a doctor diagnosed with dementia

Doctor Liu Xiuzhi, a professor at the National Yangming University and a specialist doctor at Taipei Rong, studied and treated people diagnosed with dementia throughout her career, and at then at the age of 70 was herself diagnosed with the condition.

Before her condition began to deteriorate and she could still write, the doctor wrote […]

What is it like to live with dementia?

If you have a loved one who is living with dementia, it can be helpful to know what life is like for them in order to best help them.

One of the most common symptoms of dementia is memory loss, especially forgetting recently learned information. The person may have trouble remembering dates or events, or […]

Music Therapy and Dementia

We all know music is enjoyable, but did you know it can also get the brain moving? This is what makes it so valuable for people with dementia. Therapists have studied the effects of music on those living with dementia, and the benefits of music therapy include:

Memory improvement
Mood improvement
Creating positive emotional […]

Dealing with dementia at home – How to manage your home and family when living with a relative with dementia

Many people are unaware that those living with dementia can often receive treatment at home – in fact, staying in familiar surroundings is a huge help. However, living with someone with dementia isn’t always easy.
Here are some of the key challenges facing a household living with dementia:

Allaying agitation
When someone living with dementia becomes agitated […]